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Upcoming: Big Whup Industries @ the Smell

On February 11, Big Whup Industries presents our second show. It features Big Whup and No Paws (No Lions) from the compilation, as well as new friends Michael Nhat and Pangea.

At the Smell – 247 S Main Street in Los Angeles.


“What is Happening…” Compilation, heard by the masses!

It turns out that people have actually been listening to our compilation!

We just discovered that it debuted at #1 on theKSPC charts last month. Here is a link to a feature on the compilation from their blog, and it features another link to a short review of the CD. We are also stoked to hear that we’ve got the #3 record at KXLU!

Thanks to the station managers at KSPC and KXLU, and thanks to all the DJs for your support! We’re so flattered!

We’ve been getting requests for copies of the compilation, and we will be making a lot more for the new year. So if you don’t have one yet, hold tight. And stay tuned for next BWI compilation, coming in 2010!

Get our Compilation FOR FREE at the Smell on September 19th!

Sept 19 at the Smell! Compilation Release Party!

Sept 19 at the Smell! Compilation Release Party!

We are really excited and proud to announce the release party for “What is Happening…,” our compilation of favorites from the local Los Angeles scene that also serves as the first release from Big Whup Industries. Check out this month’s print edition of the LA Record to see a review of the CD. Look in the column to the right to preview the hit-filled tracklist.

Everyone who comes to our party at the Smell on Sept 19 will get a free copy of the compilation (while supplies last, of course)! They’ll also be treated to hotttt performances by compilation participants So Many Wizards, Big Whup, Nicole Kidman, Voice on Tape and American Gil & the Major Dudes (who are making claims that this will be their final show ever).

We really hope to see you there! The doors open at 9 PM; It’s all ages and $5.

RSVP on Facebook.

What is Big Whup Industries?

What a good question!

Big Whup Industries is an idea, or maybe just the beginning of an idea. We’re not sure. It’s fun, though. What we’ve done so far is this: we put together a compilation of some of our favorite musicians, most of them from Southern California. It’s a really cool mix, and we’re proud of it.

This is just the beginning. Not only will this project get bigger, but hopefully it will include a larger group of people. While the artists on the CD are astoundingly talented, the mix only partially represents all of the talented musicians that we know. Thus, we will quickly be making sequels to this disc – maybe you can be on one! This website, too, will expand. We’d like to incorporate feature articles on the artists that are involved with this project, and we’re looking for writers. You should contact us if you’d like to get involved.

Currently you will find a couple of things on this website. To the immediate right of this column is the tracklist of our first compilation, along with links to the involved artists. Next to that is an RSS feed that collects news from/about the artists who are involved in the project. Soon there will be something better in the third column; we have some stuff in mind but it’s not ready yet.

Thanks for coming!